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Cablelynx Broadband is the fastest online – every time with download speeds up to 100 Mbps. You can have multiple wireless devices streaming, gaming and downloading all at the same time.


RESIDENTIAL    25Mbpsdown  3Mbpsup     $59.95/ month

ENHANCED      50Mbpsdown  4Mbpsup     $79.95/ month

TURBO            100Mbpsdown  5Mbpsup     $99.95/ month


Additional charges may apply for optional products and services and do not include equipment fees.  Additional charges may apply for installation, activation and change of service fee. The equipment may include a battery back-up source, but service (including 911/emergency services) may not function during an extended power outage and not all equipment will include a battery.  Additional charges apply for optional uses such as International and Operator Assisted and Directory Assistance calls.  Actual speeds may vary and many factors affect speed including the number of active devices on the network and the utilization of the devices.  All rates subject to franchise fees, local and state taxes and applicable government-imposed charges.  Other terms and conditions may apply. All Cablelynx service packages have an acceptable use of bandwidth each month that is allowed with each subscription. If the account exceeds the service limit, an additional 50 GB will be added at a rate of $10. It is important to know your usage each month and how to manage it. Many of these questions and instructions can be found at For more information and to view the Acceptable Use Policy, visit

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